The Smoking Tire Crew


Matt Farah

Matt is a career automotive journalist who has reviewed over 1,000 cars. He has worked at dealerships, rental companies, owned a car wash, and started a driving club. He made his first YouTube video in 2006 and has done nothing but talk about cars ever since. 

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Tom Morningstar

Founding partner Tom Morningstar began his videography career filming skateboarding in Rye, NY, transitioning to cars in 2006 with Matt. Tom never misses a shot, always finds the riskiest camera positions, and developed his signature editing style on some of The Smoking Tire and /DRIVE's greatest hits. 

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Zack Klapman

Zack is TST's logistical master, resident stand-up comic, and head writer. He has taken over the fan-submitted One Takes from Matt, produces and co-hosts the podcast, and produces /DRIVE on NBC Sports, as well as PROVING GROUNDS.  

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Thaddeus Brown

As TST's Director of Photography, Thad is responsible for TST's signature look, as well as our most creative location scouting and the inspiration for All Cars Go to Heaven. 

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Tim Whitcome

Tim is a producer of The Smoking Tire podcast, does ad sales, is our resident outdoorsman, and keeps the studio running smooth.

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