Our Sponsors and Partners

While The Smoking Tire is committed to providing content to our audience for free, we would like to recognize our sponsors, who help keep the videos and podcasts coming! Please support the businesses that support The Smoking Tire! 


Dillon Optics Eyewear! 

Dillon Optics is the official eyewear of The Smoking Tire! Their patented NIR Lens Technology means Dillon Optics sunglasses actually use two polarizers for the clearest possible image and exceptional UV protection. Their patented anti-reflective "matte" lenses provide a unique styling trait, and are available in all 15 frame styles and a variety of colors. 

When you buy a pair of Dillons using this link, we will send you a free TST shirt for supporting our sponsor!

Weiss Watch Company

The Weiss Watch Company makes watches, from scratch, here in Los Angeles. They feature the highest American-made parts content of any watch on the market, and are manufactured, assembled, and sold from their Los Angeles studio.

Check out the American Issue Field Watch Here

Bee Line Coffee! 

BEE LINE COFFEE CO. is an experiment in small batch roasting started by a couple of gearheads on a coffee-fueled quest for adventure. Their coffees are sourced through partners committed to fair trade and ethical farming, roasted in small batches for the highest quality. 

Use code TST at checkout for 10% off your order!