The Smoking Tire Podcast is a weekly, 90-minute radio show covering the car industry, our behind-the-scenes experiences traveling the world testing cars, and us making fun of each other mercilessly. The Smoking Tire Podcast is top three in the iTunes Automotive category and is a must listen for any car fan. Recorded in our Culver City, CA studio, it is the destination for laughs and stories against a backdrop of high-horsepower cars. 

Hosted by Matt Farah, and featuring behind-the-scenes genius Zack Klapman and producer Chris Hayes, The Smoking Tire podcast features weekly guests from around the automotive and entertainment industry, from hot-rodders, engineers, and tuners, to stand-up comedians, Hollywood stunt drivers, and automotive industry folks. They all sit down with us and swap stories in an unfiltered, uncensored hang. 

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